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Welcome to my jet-set life, where I hunt down the best luxury goods from around the world for my clients… and on many occasions myself! If you're interested as to how I got here, have a read below. 

I was born in the cosmopolitan city of London and to most peoples surprise, I started my career in the world of banking. I specialised in the field of Graphic Design at some of the best investment banks in the city and this is where I really learnt to be creative and also built my artistic talent. 

I have always appreciated well-made, quality fashion and from a young age saved up my paychecks to purchase luxury items. Whilst working in banking I built up a collection of gorgeous, timeless suits and of course topped this up with an array of to-die-for handbags and heels. In fact my first investment piece was (of course) a classic tan Chanel handbag. They didn't have the black one in stock so I got the tan and then also purchased the black one a few weeks later. 

On meeting my husband and creating three wonderful boys together I decided to become a full-time mother. We all moved to Dubai in 2007 and this is when I fell into the world of styling. I had always had people asking me where I got certain items from and friends asking me to style them and help them sort out their wardrobes. Living in a new country and with the boys being older I started taking my passion more seriously. I truly believe that when you do what you love good things will follow and overtime I built my reputation and client base and could not be happier. Or so I thought. 

Starting my Instagram account was a way for me to connect with my clients and share my styling tips and fashion finds to a wider audience. I couldn't believe how quickly it grew and how many people from around the world I was able to talk to, inspire and also get inspired by. As time has gone on I have made it my mission to share honest advice and let you all know a little bit more about my day-to-day life. From snippets that include my friends, family, favourite restaurants, unfortunate fashion mishaps, wonderful and terrible customer service and of course my gruelling fitness journey I hope you all continue to enjoy the good, the bad, the luxury and the downright ugly.

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I also became known as a personal shopper, as I was able to source key and often hard to find fashion items both from Dubai and London. I travel regularly to London both for work and pleasure as my sons attend boarding school in the UK Between the stying and personal shopping I also help clients clear out their wardrobes.


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